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Rumba Notes's signature rub and open-flame grill bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. Starting with Grade A Prime Angus beef, we dry-age our meats until the peak of perfection. Then, we apply our signature rub and allow the flavors to permeate the meat for at least 48 hours before we grill our steaks and steak burgers on our open-flame grill. All meats cooked to Medium unless otherwise requested. 

Our Team


Lightly seasoned, this combination of ground steaks is tasty and juicy.

Rumba Notes was started by three brothers, Zach, Brian, and Roger Clemente in 1997. In search of the best steak, Zach decided to create his own steak rub and perfected a blend of ground beef to create an amazing steak burger. Brian added the idea of an open-flame grill with a mesquite wood fire to complete the unique taste that has come to set apart the Rumba Notes. Roger Clemente is an Executive Chef and rounds out the team with his culinary expertise.

Seasoned with our signature rub and grilled over an open flame; cooked to perfection.


We offer a variety of local brews in the bottle or on tap. Full bar.